Wednesday, April 9, 2008

National Inter-School Wushu Championships (Day 5)

Today is the final day for our Individual events, Tan Xiang Tian completed his hat-trick by winning the Gold Medal in the B-Div boys Nan Gun event:
(quality of clip is grainy because my original footage was lost and

Fung Jin Jie got off to a good start in the B-Div Cudgel 2nd International Routine.
However, 2 unforced errors cost us the Gold and we ended up having to settle for a tie between 2nd and 3rd- will have to check the average of the invalid scores to determine the tie break.

This concludes the individual routines for both C and B Division boys. All the competiting schools are frantically calculating the total points in the various divisions.

Next Tueday's Group Events will be the final determining factor for Division Championship.
So let's go VS, let's go!

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