Tuesday, April 8, 2008

National Inter-School Wushu Championships (Day 4)

Today was Day 4 of the National Inter-school Wushu Championships. VS had many events today and a lot was riding on it as every point is crucial towards our over-all division score at this stage.

For the first time, we fielded 2 athletes for the 24-style Taiji Event in C-Div. Although there were only 11 participants, the standard of the competitors was very high. Both Ang Kang Jie (1B) and John Png (1F) only had less than 2 months to learn the routine but in VS we believe it is the fighting spirit that counts more than the final outcome- so although we didn't manage to place in the top 4, rememer that you boys both have a long way to go and now that you have seen the how intense the competition is, you must work harder in order to be able to do your school proud.

Here is John Png's routine:

Here we have Kang Jie's routine:

I must take sometime to praise Kang Jie here for his hard work during the holidays- on his own he signed up for extra coaching, even after our regular practices, he comes to me to get me to watch him practice a few more times. That is the attitude that we are looking for in all our students and athletes here in Victoria.
That attitude is what makes you a champion; and not the medal that hangs round your neck.

In the C-Boys Nan Gun 1st International Routine, Darren Tan from (1E) managed to clinch 3rd by a very narrow margin.

Well done, Darren!

Unfortunately, Darren and Bernie Ang were not able to place in the top 4 for the Group Sparring Event for C-Boys. They had work very hard for that event as it was the last event that we managed to get together in the time we had to prepare for the competition. Yesterday, the boys came back to school after competing to practice some more and Bernie was hit on the head practicing for this event. Despite the injury, both he and Darren persisted and gave us a good showing today- not bad considering the huge 'baluku' that sprouted on Bernie's head yesterday :)

Our B-Boys Group Sparring managed to retain our 3rd position with the 3-Man Set. Wayne Kang (4D), Sean Ho (4D) and Tan Xiang Tian (4I) worked hard to overhaul the routine from last year and made new additions to spice up the content.
Here we see them in action:

Our one and only A-Div participant, Pang Hong Yun (4C) competed in the Nan Gun 1st International Routine:

Because he's older than the rest of the guys, Hongyun's our one and only A-Div participant.
So this year, we have students in C-Div, B-Div and A-Div. Although, Hongyun did not place in the top 4, he has improved tremendously in his Nan Gun routine and that is also something to be proud of.

The standard of Wushu and the level of our competitors is increasing- let this spur us all to greater heights!
Nil Sine Labore

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