Monday, April 21, 2008

SNWF Sanshou Exchange 2008

(VS Wushu Team Members with Mr Ang Moh Seng, MP-Hong Kah GRC and President of SNWF)

On Sun 20th Apr,
Victoria School sent a delegation of students to participate in the Sanshou free-sparring exchange organised by the Singapore National Wushu Federation.

Although the National Inter-schools Wushu Championships were just over, we decided to still participate in this event so as to gain more exposure for our team and more importantly, so that we would developed as a well-rounded team able to compete both in routines as well as in the practical applications of sparring.

Our atheltes were:
Chang Wei Liang from (3G) and Pang Hong Yun fro (4C)who fought 2 rounds each with their opponent. As it was a friendly match, there were no declared winners but our 2 boys did well against the competition. Hongyun and Weiliang both were able to land solid blows on their opponents and score decisive ring-out and take-downs during their matches.

We also had 2 alumni representing the VS Team:
Liu Weilie (currently from TPJC) & Tan Lye Huat (current in TJC), the fact that past Victorians still continue to get involved in CCA in the alma mater came as a surprise even to the officials in the SNWF. It shows the great sense of pride and belonging that Victorians have that even after they graduate, they are willing to come back and fight for her glory under the VS banner.

Our Volunteer Adult Leader (VAL), Jin Cai also motivated our team by participating together with the boys. The fact that instructors and students compete as one body is something we would like to keep as a hallmark of VS Wushu Team's tradition.

The VS Wushu Team will continue to strive for greater heights and we thank all Victorians for their support.
Nil Sine Labore

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ninjamaxi said...

Good job guys! Awesome to see Eugene fight too! :D