Friday, April 4, 2008

National Inter-School Wushu Championships (Day 2)

Day 2 of the National Interschools Championships saw some very intense competition amongst the skilled athletes from all the various schools. In the C-Div Broadsword,
Bernie Ang (1F) and Ryan Goh (2F) did their best but were unable to place in the top 4.

Here we see Bernie and Ryan in action:

In the C-Div Sword, Tan Xiang Ting managed to clinch his second Gold medal for VS.

Elder brother, Tan Xiang Tian also completed the double-whammy by securing his second Gold in the B-Div Nan Quan routine.(As there were 2 events going on consecutively, I was only able to get footage of Xiang Tian's routine from afar)

Our final medal came from Fung Jin Jie 'Jingo', JJ had a tough fight for 2nd and 3rd placing as he was tied in score with his fellow opponent.
(JJ was penalised 0.1 for an extra movement thus giving him an identical score with another athlete)
In the case of a tie, the competitor whose mean value of the 2 invaild scores comes closer to the average of the valid scores shall be placed higher. After much waiting and the final calculations, JJ achieved 3rd.
It was a hard fought event, with all the athletes pushing the limits of their personal performances, so it is important to savour every bit of success as it is hard won.

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