Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 2 of "Aspire- 我武维扬" VS Wushu Talent Development Camp

Today is Day 2 of our camp, so bright and early we got the boys and girls to wake up and begin the day with some sports and games:

The VS boys introduced our Primary School friends to a favourate VS sport- Floorball.
In no time at all, our little wushu juniors had picked it up and were going at it with their hearts out.

After that, we began with more stretching. Darren had a taste of what it meant to undergo 'hard core' partner stretching exercise.

After that is was back to our fundamentals. Although the boys and girls were tired, I was glad to see some pronouced improvement in some of the VS boys. I'm sure that the presence of their little juniors working hard must have spurred some of them on.

We ended the day with the small competition. All participants were divided into groups. Each group was given a task to choreograph a short 15-30sec routine for their group.

Here we have Zhen yu's Group

Next we have Ryan's Group

After that came Yuda's Group

The winner of the this little mini-contest was Jinjies' group. Jinjie and group showed the most dedication and in the short time they had, they managed to stay focus and work on their routine to showcase the best of their abilities.

It has indeed been a fulfilling camp and today being Teacher's Day, I couldn't think of a more fulfilling way to spend the day :)

Thank you to all our little boys and girls from the various primary schools, we definitely enjoyed your presence here. We hope you'll all join us for future events and we can learn and train together again!

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