Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nice to be appreciated :)

It's nice to be appreciated.
I've been running around since Friday preparing for Wushu Camp (see post below) on Sat. So that meant no weekend, no Teachers Day rest. But I felt it was worth it.

So when Peixiang and the gang kept asking me when I would be back, I kept asking why.
So it was a nice gesture when I walked back to my floor to find the whole jing-gang there with pizza and satay waiting for me for supper.

Usually, when they are waiting for me for supper, they are waiting for me TO BRING supper. Today, they were waiting to INVITE me for supper to celebrate a belated Teacher's Day with me. :)

That was a great gesture and I really appreciated it.

The pizza tastes better, the satay tastes juicer and the Pepsi tastes sweeter.
Thank you for making me feel special today, boys.
Thank you for making a difference to me.

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