Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Video Submissions for YourFilm.SG

I submitted 2 of the videos I did for Victoria School for film competition and they have been shortlisted for voting under the "Free Expression" category.

Please support our VS videos- we stand to win a professional PanasonicHD Camcoder and a 6month production studio rental package. This will allow us to produce better videos for the school.

The 2 videos are:

1) "Choice", (the video is the one with a clock-face for thumbnail)

This is the one I did for Camp Emerge

2)The other video is "Learn to Say No" (the video is the one with thethumbnail with 'Learn to Say No"

Vote for the videos here:

As it is a bit difficult to tell which are the videos, remember to scroll-down the page and look for them under 'Free Expression'
For those that would like to view them here on this page:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ernest: Sir, the videos are splendid.. I remember we watched the "camp emerge" video in the auditorium!
15 Nov 08, 22:42

Dhruv: Sir VELOCI-T was awesome and both the videos really define what it means to be a Victorian. Thanks again and the training manual was quite helpful.
15 Nov 08, 21:10

JiaLok: agreed with fuzhi.
15 Nov 08, 21:09

JiaLok: Thank you sir for the AWESOME camp. I will remember VELOCI-T'O8 for my life. Thanks for the wonderful memories.
15 Nov 08, 18:08

fuzhi: the 2nd video is quite touching
15 Nov 08, 16:18

PEI XIANG: i miss my camps.. hahahaha

15 Nov 08, 16:06
jay: hi guys. (: the camp was simply awesome man. glad to see the passion strong and alive. was an honour to be your instructor. keep the Victorian flame burning! (: nsl.