Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Veloci-T 2009- After Action Report

Now that we have completed our 5-days Veloci-T Camp, it is time for some After Action Reports.

Due to my N96 malfunctioning (repeatedly during the camp), I'm only able to give some clips but will post when the leaders send their links to me.

Here are our PT clips on the 2nd day:

We had the boys doing various exercises (i.e. situps, push-ups) as an entire group.
It was heartening to see the great Victorian spirit bonding the boys together!

At night, the long awaited Combat Skirmish team arrived to set-up the activity for us:

Just looking at the various guns and equipment got all the boys (and teachers excited)

After the briefing, it was a frenzied fire-fight with teams trying their best to take each other out. As it was dark and I was trying not to get shot by my own team members, that's way got no videos.
(Yup, friendly fire is the single biggest cause of casualties in this game :)

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