Friday, January 19, 2007

Updates for Term 1 Jan 2007

Welcome to this Blog,
In the past, I've chronicled major events and happenings during the year in my professional journal. This year, I'm experimenting with using the blogging platform for ease of updating. This may serve as a site where my students and their parents are able to see what is happening in school and what the various events that me and my students are involved in.

Firstly, it's has been the 4th year running for me as Camp Commandant for the Sec 1 Orientation Camp
This year, we improved on-line updates to parents via Blogger and were able to do video uploads as well.(See Links)
The real-time feedback that we achieved with MoBlog last year was enhanced by better quality pictures and streaming video this year.
The camp was a hit with students and parents alike.
With the help of the PE Dept and the FTs, there were no major incidences/accidents apart from the usual scratches and minor discomforts.

I am now the Assistant Form-Teacher of Sec 2A and will be over-seeing them for their On-line Project Work.
I will be taking them for PE, PE theory and On-line-Project Work. As such, I will work closely with Miss Lim, the Form Teacher.
Both Miss Lim and I have collaborated before as FT and AFT and we work very well together. As such, we are determined to give the best of ourselves to all students under our care. It is our desire to see all our students grow into Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsmen.

Mr Randell Siow

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