Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hostel Room Check

Ahhh, it's that time again when I check the room cleanliness of the boys in the hostel.

And we all know that if there's one thing that boys hate doing, it's house work. But my constant nagging and stringent standards seem to have paid off.
Here are the ratings for this round of room checks:

H1-04-04 : A+
H1-04-05 : B+
H1-04-06 : A-
H1-04-16 : A
H1-04-17 : A
H1-04-18 : A-
H1-04-19 : B+
H1-06-19 : C+
H1-06-22 : C

This is a great improvement
Special mention goes to Phuong and Dung H1-04-17 for the neatest cupboards- see how they even arrange their ties

And the cleanest room award goes to ............. H1-04-04
Here we see the occupants, Jia Lok, Xuanjie, Qi Kai and Christian all hard at work during CST time in their neat and tidy room. Heh heh, so hardworking right:)

Well done boys!
Keep up the good work- tonight as reward, we'll have group supper. Will order Pizza to share for all!


Anonymous said...

Mr Siow,
How do you manage to do it? The boys are like angels--so tidy, so hardworking. Can run a camp for us to teach us how to manage them back home?

xX Braix23 Xx said...

BriAN here.. :)
hey guys, a job well done!
haha! Mr Siow was telling me about it when i came to VS the other day.
anyw, keep up the great work!

keep chillin', Mr Siow!

Anonymous said...

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