Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sec 2A Soccer- How to retrieve a soccer ball

Today, Sec 2A began their Soccer module for PE.

We began with basic passing using the inside and outside of the foot; as well as receiving using inside and outside of the foot.

Things were going well when a sudden flash shower made us all dash for cover- so we moved to Plan B. We relocated to the canteen and continued our PE lesson there (making sure to arrange tables and chairs to prevent the balls from hitting the pillars and dirtying them; also to ensure that the boys did not kick the balls onto anyone i.e. staff, vendors or god-forbid, our principal:P)

As boys will be boys, sooner or later a soccer ball landed in the pond. So here is 2A's attempt to do an emergency rescue of a floating soccer ball:

From this clip, I was able to formulate some scientific observations about the working of the Universe in general :P

Mr Siow's Theory of Soccer Relativity
1) The volume at which you shout at the floating soccer ball is inversely proportional to the intended path of motion that you wish for it.
Shouting at a soccer ball tends to make it float in the opposite direction from where you intend it to go. Standing on the shore and shouting at the ball will NOT make it float back to you.

2) Strikers use feet to score, Goal Keepers use hands to stop
It is not possible for you to pick up a floating ball with your feet- you will have to use those things you call hands- you know, the appendages with 5 protrusions at the end of your wrists? Yes, you got to use your hand to pick the ball up.

3) Man who put hand in water get wet
Pond water might be murky. Pond water might be smelly. But pond water is definitely not deadly. You hand will NOT corrode if you touch pond water; neither am I asking you to drink the pond water. If you need to retrieve the soccer ball from the pond, it is likely that you hand will get wet.
That is normal.
Do no panic if your hand gets wet.
It will not fall off.
You do not need to call SCDF.

4) The resultant is the vector sum of two or more vectors. It is the result of adding vectors together. If displacement vectors A, B, and C are added together, the result will be vector R.
Splashing water to make waves helps to push the ball to the side of the pond but only if you do it from one side.
If all of you circle the pond and start splashing, the ball will stay in the middle of the pond. Which means .... Zero displacement, which means ... a lot of splashing but zero movement of ball.

5) Small man with long pole have better reach than Big man with small pole.
It is not only necessary to work hard but sometimes to work smart as well. Reaching and stretching will help extend your reach but won't lengthen you arms. Use the appropriate tools at the appropriate time so that your work and effort is always efficient and meaningful.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Siow,
It's great to see you taking your PE lessons to the beyonds---training the boys to embrace life situations and sudden change of circumstances.In fact, the inclement weather has led you into Plan B which stimulates many learning points and the obvious one--be prepared, must always have a back up plan.