Friday, May 25, 2007

"Eat with your Family Day" - Foreign Scholars Outing

Today is "Eat with your Family Day" and as the ASEAN and A*Star scholars under me are foreign students living in Singapore, I have decided to bring them out for a movie and then we go makan together. Originally, we had planned to watch Spider-Man 3 together before the exams but as I was overseas in UK, we've postphoned it till now.
Spidey 3 was kinda a super-emo movie for me- felt it tried to do to many things at the same time:love story, action plus horror. Ya, the cheap shock value scenes got irritating after a while.
Peter Parker trying to sort out his relationship with Mary Jane and Harvey Oswald (Green Goblin) was kinda like My Sassy Girlfriend on Brokeback Moutain in Nada de Sou Sou.

But the effects were cool - in fact, the updated Goblin gear is sooo much cooler than Spider Man's gooey snow-balls that he fires.

The entire gang had an intersting time despite some clowns getting scolded by me for not showing up at the last minute. Boys, many times you take things for granted just because you are not the ones paying for it or investing your time. A sudden no-show leaves me with a wasted ticket, 2 no-shows leaves me with 2 wasted tickets. It's not a lot of money and it's budgetted for under our fund for enrichment and bonding activities but we should never take this for granted- there are other students in the world that never get this kinda of opportunity, where every day they have to walk 2 hours to school and count it a blessing that they have rice to eat.

Luckily, there was a young couple busy staring at each other in the eyes in the lobby, so I ask them if they would like to have the tickets with no strings attached. But I warned him that they would be sitting with all our rowdy boys- hope we didn't spoil their romantic moment but at least we were able to put the tickets to good use and allow other people to enjoy a good movie.

Can't wait to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers and Shrek 3!

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