Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OPWS for Sec 2A

We've just completed our Online-Project Work with Sec 2A. Some of our groups have created interesting websites that you might be interested in visiting.

Dashpi volunteered to help out at the SPCA and their project on Pet Care can be found here at

Group No Link did a project to promote Healthy Living and their blog can be seen here at

Eclipz rendered their services to groom pets for their neighbours and family. You can see the process and reviews from satisfied clients at

E_mc2 decided to create a public education kit on Natural Disasters and how to enhance personal safety. They put together a personal survival kit for less than $12 and you can find their site at

Meepoz also focused on the environment by creating a website dedicated to educating the public on the danger and harmful effects of pollution. Their site is at

Hope you enjoy these samples of students work from Sec 2A

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