Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Know Your Secondary Schools Day" at Tampines North Pri School

Today, I had the opportunity to go to Tampines North Pri School with some of our students to do a 'road-show' and promote Victoria School to P6 students. With me were some old boys from Tampines North- Shahrudin and Rifdi, both Staff Sergeants in the NCC.
As you can see, having their 'big brothers' come back to talk to them proved to be a big hit with the boys! It was a vibrant scene at Tampines North Pri as 16 schools had set up their booths and parents were treated in-depth look at the various offering from the different secondary schools in the East Zone.

For some reason, many P6 girls seemed to be captivated by our booth- felt kinda bad when I had to break it to them gently that despite rumors, VS still is and will continue to be a boys school :)

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