Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th Asian Junior Wushu Championships

Our 2 Wushu exponents, Fung Jin Jie from 2C and Tan Xiang Ting from 1G, represented Singapore Wushu Youth Squad in the 4th Asian Junior Wushu Championships in Yeongju, Korea

Fung Jinjie managed to place 8th in 2 events: Changquan and Cudgel. Given the standard of the competition and the fact that it was an International event, this means that Jinjie is ranked in the Top 10 for his age group in Asia.
Tan Xiang Ting did Victoria and Singapore proud by clinching the only Gold for the Singapore Youth Team in his Spear event.

In your defeats, don't lose hope, boys; and in your success, always be humble.
And if we all keep working, I'm sure you and I will achieve more for Victoria.
Nil Sine Labore

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