Thursday, July 12, 2007

Victoria Challenge 2007

Today, we kick start our Victoria Challenge- an event held once every 4years.
Started in July 1987, the Victoria Challenge aims to allow classes to identify task which will contribute tangibly to the school. This contribution can be either aesthetic or ‘atmospheric’. The Challenge is for classes to plan their task carefully and pledge to complete it within the time allocated. It is conducted once every 4 years and has always been regarded by students as a high in their student life in Victoria School. This year's theme is Victoria, We Give to You- inspired by a line from our School Song. It is our wish that we can give back to Victoria and to the community around us.

For information on Victoria Challenge through the years, see THE VICTORIA CHALLENGE website here

Also, since the fantastic pupils of Sec 4F will be doing a 24hr blog to cover the event, I won't attempt to undertake the daunting task of updating over 36 simultaneous projects at once. So I'll leave it in 4F's capable hands- you can see their blog at 4G Victoria Challenge 2007

Another note worthy, project is by Sec 4J, who in line with this being our 131st Anniversary, will be collecting 131kg of toys to donates to the Spastic Children's of Singapore. Check them out at Victoria We Give to You

More updates later in the day- but for the most current events, do check out Sec 4G's blog.

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