Saturday, November 3, 2007

Evening of Music and Drama " A Simple Affair"

Thu 1st Nov was our Evening of Music and Drama. This years theme was "A Simple Affair"

which sought to "underline and accentuate the very basics of a play and the very fundamentals that are key for each and every individual act"

The performance began with a sort of Alumni band- Armchair Critic (sort of 'cos Visa and Boon are from VS while Ryan's not, but then nevermind :P)

Having played with the boys during EMD in 2005, it was good to see them mature as musicians and become much tighter in their music (Although, Visa should spend more time engaging with the audience rather than flirting with Boon on stage and showing us all his backside)
Here's two of their songs for you:

The next song, "It's not too late" was dedicated to our Victorian who's passed on. I was touched that the boys have become self-reflective as muscians and people.

It's good to see that they've actually started writing their own songs and materials. A tighter sound and development of stronger vocal presence and you guys will be on your way. For more on the band, check out

The next performance, "Madman on the Roof" featured some very familiar faces to me. Most of the cast were comprised of boys from my 2A and 2C classes, whom I KNOW very well (heh heh... all your mischief put to good use at last)
I must say that all of you were cast perfectly for the role.
Darryl was absolutely adorable as Mistress, Yoshitaro's mother. Check out his performance here:

Timothy Koh and Mark Thambiah were perfectly cast- It was simply hilarious watching the 2 of them with Timothy acting as the fraudulant priest and Mark as the loony Yoshitaro. Mark's portrayal of loony bliss was just hilarious. Check it out:

After our play, we were serenaded by the choir with 2 songs:

and Love Changes Everyhing:

Our guest performers from Crescent Girls put up and entertain play about the vagarities of love and cultural sterotypes:

Complete with J-Lo MTV Segment:

They were followed by our Chinese Orchestra, that gave us a refreshing renditions of A Mei's "我要快乐"

We had a Victorian rendition of Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'. However, my Nokia N95 no batt, so couldn't capture videos of it.
But kudos to Gareth- you make a beautiful girl :)

We concluded EMD with a selection of songs played by the Concert Band. Here we see, the various soloists take centrestage:

It was indeed an entertaining night. See you all next year

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