Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Linkin Park- 'Live' in Concert at Indoor Stadium

It has been a gruelling month, with me having to cope with reservist, school videos, running camps, etc.

But there was no way in the world I would have missed Linkin Park when they were scheduled to perform live at the Indoor Stadium- Not when I got 2 tickets to go to the free standing area.

Yup, Ah Beng teacher and lovely wife headed down to mosh pit to rock the night away-- Never mind the fact that I just came back hot, sweaty and tired from the jungles of Mawai.

At first, the long queue to get in and my fatigued from the camp got to me, but when the concert started, the energy of the crowd just took it all away. Check out the opening sequence, man. Simply mind-blowing!

When the opening bars of 'Somewhere I belong' came out, the crowd when wild and it was reliving my post-grad days all over again

I've used 'Shadow of the Day' from their latest album "Minutes to Midnight" for our Victoria Challenge video this year. But hearing it live was awesome! You can hear me screeching along with Chester Bennington.

Chester Bennigton's vocals were pitch perfect- I believe he's the only guy on the planent that can scream, growl and rap with perfect diction and voice clarity.
If there was doubt, "Numb" proved once and for all that Chester has the power AND control of his voice.The beautiful surprise came when they transition flawlessly from Numb into an acoustic set of "Pushing Me Away".

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