Saturday, November 3, 2007

What bugs me...

If you guys go to STOMP, you find the following story of an old trishaw rider taking 3 Caucasian passengers.
The 3 of them ridicule him for his slow speed, make fun of him and Singapore. In the end when he asks for $10 for ferrying the 3 of them, they don't even want to pay him the money claiming that he only took them round the corner.
(See full story on at STOMP)

In response to this article, an outporing of support for the old rickshaw rider came on-line (see other article here)

Victorians, the educated Singaporeans that we are now, bi-lingual and versatile in the traditions of the East as well as the technologies of the West- all this came about through the blood, sweat and tears of our lowly educated fore-fathers who toiled in menial labour so that you and I would never have to walk their path.

At his age, the old Uncle is making something more of himself- earning his own living, however meagre that is. No one has a right to take away that dignity.

Victorians, we must give our elders their due- especially the elderly who are poor and alone.
For in time, we will be old too.
As for the actions of the 3 passengers, well... The title of the youtube video posted on STOMP sums it up nicely. See it here.

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