Monday, December 29, 2008

Bagua Seminar by Master Sun ZhiJun (28th Dec)

On Sun 28th Dec, Victoria School's Wushu Team round up our last seminar presentaion with Master Sun Zhijun from China.28122008118 - Share on Ovi

Master Sun, his senior disciples Madam Ge Chun Yan and Madam Mi Jin Pei gave strong theoretical insights into the nature of internal Chinese Martial Arts.

Students were then given a chance to show case their learning and to recieve pointers from the various teachers regarding their form, movement and applications
Here we see the students going through the core footwork of Bagua Zhang:

Members of the public were present at our seminar and it allow martial enthusiasts and novices alike to gain an insight into the depth and breath of Chinese Martial Arts.

We hope that Victoria School will be able to continue our efforts to contribute to the growth of the martial arts community in Singapore so that we can spread the love and passion for Wushu to benefit all practictioners.

Join us as we work diligently towards this goal!
Nil Sine Labore

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