Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Right on target!

Some years back I first tried archery, I loved it but never got the chance to pursue it. A couple of days back, I went to Suntec to wait for my wife and saw that there was an indoor archery range open there!

I took up the bow after donkey years and guess what, it's like riding a bike-- somethings you never forget.
I tried my hand shooting and didn't do too badly.03/12/2008 - Share on Ovi
Today while waiting for my wife, I went to Suntec and killed some time by trying it again. The instructor there told me that they were taking scores to see the top 6 shooters in Dec. Guess what, after a few rounds I was told that I ranked 2nd out of 50 participants! I scored 108 out of a maximum of 120 (10 points max per shot, 12 shots each round)

Since Victorians are something more, I decided to see if I could tie for 1st ranking.
A couple of rounds later, I was tied at 114 points for first place!

When my wife came to meet me, I got her to try it out.
Boy, is she a natural!
Check out her target grouping!
Fierce sia!
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Hopefully my score will stand and I'll make it to the Top 6 showdown later in December.

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