Thursday, December 11, 2008

Even more shooting ...

Today, I brought the VS Wushu Team down to DM Archery at Suntec

Well, it was a good outing for all of us. As DM Archery were keeping track of scores for Top 6 shooters, there was a mood of friendly competition amongst the boys to see if they could qualify against the ladder board.

Our little DSA talent, Lee Jing Wei managed to score 104, placing him amongst the Top 6 shooters in Under-12; team captain Ryan Goh blasted his way with 110 to place within Top 6 for Under-16 (tying my score for the day at that time!)

Last session, I hit 114 and was tied for 2nd place in the Open category but a check on the ladder board showed that I was relegated out of the Top 6 cos some ace had hit a 120pt perfect score. Subsequently, 2ns and 3rd position were 116 pts with the rest of us mere mortals trailing at 114pts.

Inspired by Ryan Goh's fantastic scoring, I aimed to better my personal best. After some meticulous zeroing and consolidating my grouping shots, I took my final round for the day.
With 11 shots on the yellow and 1 on the red, I'm back in the running for 2nd place in the open category with 118 points! An almost perfect score.
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Woots! Not let's keep my fingers crossed... and see if I can stay at 2nd position on the ladder board

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