Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009 Sec 4 Graduation Ceremony & Farewell Dinner

Fri 9th Oct was Class of 2009's Sec 4 Graduation Ceremony and Farewell Dinner.

The ceremony began in the auditorium with Mr Low's address to the cohort.

Next came the various prize presentations for academic excellence and improvement.
The Serious PE Class of 4B was proud to annouce Jaren Thun as our best student:

Next came the CCA awards for achievement and service:

Our Victorians showed us that they had class as well as they celebrated their achievements in song. And it is heart-warming to see that your talents span both academic, literary, musical and sporting pursuits!

With the ceremony over, we proceeded to the hall for a formal sit-down dinner.
After 2 years of nagging, it was with a sense of pride as we sat down formally as a cohort of teachers and students for the last time to toast our triumphs in overcoming all our adversities:

It was a great-time for photos and I will cherish the memories of your batch. See my first batch of Serious PE students graduate fills me with strange sense of emotion. No less heart-warming are the handshakes, photos, hugs and thanks from the scholars, the student leaders and various other students that I have had the chance to come in contact with.

Stay strong and focused boys- we will finish this race together!


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