Friday, October 16, 2009

VS Roadshow @ Gongshan Primary

Today, VS visited Gongshan Primary for their 'P6 to Sec1' presentation. Many schools were present to introduce themselves to the graduating batch of P6 students from Gongshan Primary. VS was honored to be there

Today with me were boys from the RSP and AEP classes, impressed the parents and P6 students alike with their clear articulation and passionate delivery of what it means to be a Victorian:

But the one who captured the most attention was soccer player Faris from Sec 2E. To show that Victorians are well-rounded individuals, excelling both on and off the field, we had a sports challenge where students who could juggle the sepak takraw ball were given a prize.

This proved to be a hit with the P6 students- especially with the infectious humor and agile skill demonstrated by Faris:

We hope to be back next year to share more about Victoria School with students from Gongshan Primary!

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