Monday, October 12, 2009

Graduation Day Videos 2

Here is a video that we did not get to see on Graduation Day due to time constraints.
Again, it is another Serious PE Production from the bunch of horrigible but 'swee' boys in Sec 4B.

Where the previous video made many of us howl with laughter; this one nearly made me cry. Serious.
Why? It made me proud to be a teacher in 4B. D@mn proud.
See it and see what the 4B Serious PE boys are seriously capable of doing.

Some people subscribe to the belief that sportsmen are not academically inclined.
Some people feel that sportsmen themselves do not believe they are capable of academic excellence.
But the teachers in VS have always believed in you and after watching the pride you have exhibited as Victorians in this video, we know you believe in yourselves too!

I believe you boys, I know you will value-add and give us "SWEEEEEEEE" results
Har le, boys...; Har le


Mrs Melissa Lim said...

Cheers! Nice video, guys! Well done! I'm very impressed. ;)

Mr Ron Tan said...

Kinesthetic intelligence 100/100. I'm floored, seriously. Absolute finesse and artistry in their area of interest. What these 4B boys have shown is not mere talent, but the ability to achieve perfection in the things they set out to achieve. This trait can be translated in everything else they do and I am confident that they will be able to do well for the 'O's.

Randell, is there any way you can share the vid link on youtube or something? Wanna share it on Facebook!

'SUPERMAN.. :D said...

thanks a lot teachers!
the video is already up on facebook. you can check it out here:

it's the full version too!