Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visit by YOG Zimbabwe Delegation to Victoria School

Today, Victoria School was graced by the visit of the Zimbabwean YOG delegation.
Upon arrival, they were warmly welcomed by the Kompang players made up of students from the Regional Studies Program.

Next, Mr Low our Principal brought them into the Heritage Room to welcome them and give them an introduction of Victoria School's History
Zimbabwe's Chief de Mission, Mdm Busi Chindove also signed our guest book in the Heritage Room:

After that, the delegation was brought on a tour around the school and they had a chance to participate in a Biology practical session in the lab conducted by Mr Gabriel Pallai:
The objective of the lesson was to see how learning takes place through repetition and students were given a diagram to trace while looking at the arm movements reflected in a mirror:

After the Bio practical session, we had the assistance of Mr Amir to introduce our guest to a floorball- a sport that is gaining popularity in Singaporean schools. Here we see Mr Amir dazzling the crowd with his amazing stick work.

Mr Amir gave a brief introduction of the game:

After the brief intro, our Zimbabwean guests took to the court to try their hand at taking some shots at goal.

Mr Amir then proceeded to referee a short game for them:

After a robust game of floorball, we all met up in the Learning Studios for some light refreshments and exchange of gifts. We appreciated the kind gesture of thanks given by our guests who shared with us their appreciation in English, Ndebele and Shona:

Chief de Mission, Mdm Busi Chindove extended her warm invitation to all Victorians to visit them back in Zimbabwe and celebrated the start of a new friendship between our 2 countries:

It was a memorable experience and we also managed to take pictures with 2 of the Soccer players from Zimbabwe who were from Prince Edward High School.
Tapiwa Chikaka and Edward Mwanza are students from Prince Edward High School which is the Zimbabwean school that was twinned with Victoria School. Although Prince Edwards was not able to send a student delegation to Singapore for the YOG; nevertheless we were able to share a moment of friendship with their students through Tapiwa and Edward as they were part of the Zimbabwean soccer team.

We hope and believe that this is the start of a new and last relationship between Singapore and Zimbabwe; as well as for Victoria School and Prince Edward School.

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