Sunday, August 8, 2010

VS Wushu Performance @ Kallang CC

Today, the VS Wushu Team was honoured to be invited to perform as part of the National Day Observance Ceremony.The occasion was graced by our guest of Honour was Dr Lee Boon Yang.

So here's a clip of the VS Wushu Team in action:
First up was a slow event with Samuel Tan from 2B doing his Free-style Taiji:

Samuel has really improved from all his hard work and training and I'm sure he will do well as he moves into Sec 3 next year.

After Samuel's graceful Taiji, we had the entire gang of fast moving Chanquan and Nanquan athletes come up to dazzle the crowd.
First, we had Lee Jing Wei performing his Spear.
Jingwei reccently returned from an invitational competition to Beijing representing the Singapore Wushu Youth Team and garnered 2 Silvers!

Next was Hui Dhar who just joined wushu last year. Hui Dhar had no prior wushu experience and has just finished learning his Changquan routine. Despite this, his hardwork and diligence is seeing him improve day by day, bit by bit.

After that was Bernie Ang, who did his Sabre. Bernie was plagued by a series of injuries last year and we saw little of him but this year he's made a fantastic comeback, representing the school in 3 individual events. He's also more seasoned in competition and performance.

Then we have our 3 Macho men- Wei Chung, Darren and Jec.
All performing free-style variations of Nanquan and cudgel.
I must say with the 3 of you, the 'Yang' energy in the team has certainly gone up! You are the future boys, my hopes rest in you.

So enjoy the following clip:

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