Saturday, August 14, 2010

YOG Soccer: Singapore vs Zimbabwe @ Jalan Besar Stadium

Friday night was a memorable occasion for all Victorians. For our inaugural YOG in Singapore, Victoria School had been paired with Zimbabwe as their hosts in Singapore.

Through the support of generous donors, alumni and other well-wishers, Victoria School managed to get tickets for the ENTIRE school population to watch yesterday's soccer match where Singapore played Zimbabwe. The match was all the more significant because it brought Victorians back to our old campus in Jalan Besar (Tyrwhitt Road)

For such a large outing, we wanted to make sure that Victorians upheld themselves well and since the majority of students had to take public transport there, we wanted them to be safe in their walk to and fro from the stations. So with typical characteristics of Victoria School, we see our Red Shirts and Black Shirts in action stationed along the way to the stadium:

As our boys filled into the stadium, we could feel a strong sense of both national and school pride. Seeing the entire school fill the upper grandstand to support our Singapore team, captained by Jeffery Adamn Lightfoot, our very own Sec 3 Victorian, gave all of us a burst of pride and exhiliration in anticipation of the game to come.

In our distinctive 'bumble-bee' PE attire and our clappers, we definitely rocked the stadium:

As the national anthem was played, the boys sang so much louder then they did during morning assembly.

Anticipation was high and spirits were roused as Zimbabwe had laid down a hefty challenge in their pre-match press interviews.

When the match started, Singapore surpised everyone with a quick and decisive early goal
The cheers of jubilation rocked the very foundations of the stadium.
We quickly followed it by a second goal and by the end of the first half, Singapore, led the game 3-0.

As we watched our nation deliver success beyond expectations, focus was also on Jeffery our own Victorian hero. Media coverage for the YOG committee was so impressed with the show of support of VS for Jeffery that that wanted to interview his classmates to see what truly makes a Victorian something more:

Baik lah, Jeffery!!
We are so proud of you.

At the close of the first half, Zimbabwe was awarded a penalty and managed to bring the score to 3-1

However, it was clear that Singapore had dominated the night's game and
in the 2nd half we mainted the 3-1 score to win the game.

What was apparent was the way in which the boys from both teams hugged and clasped each other when the game was over. Despite the hard fought game and heavy expectations on both sides, everyone truly enjoyed the experience of a well fought match that brought out the best in everone.

Next week, VS hosts the Zimbabwe cultural booth at the YOV. More updates then!

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