Friday, August 10, 2007

Hostel Room Check: Cleanest Room- Vicent and Auzzidz

The Teacher-Mentors have been keeping a close watch on the level of cleanliness in the hostel. The VS ASEAN and A-Star scholars have been working hard to make their rooms presentable.
As promised to all my boarders, if ever the whole level gets an A rating, we'll go out for a special Sea Food Supper treat at East Coast Hawker Centre.
As of this check, the winner of the Cleanest Room Award goes to Vincent and Auzzidz (with the Sec 1 ASEAN scholars following closely behind)

Check out the effort they put into maintaining their room and making it a place that they can be proud to call home:

In the words of Vincent- "It is a habit"
Boys, only a new habit can replace an old one. So form good habits to replace bad ones, ya?

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