Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Punish to Purify

Reccently, there's been a spate of appalling behaviour in some of my students. You have insulted me on this blog, some of you have behaved disrespectfully towards prefects and teachers, etc.

Some people have asked me whether I should remove the offending comments from my blog, or whether I should even mention these inccidents on my blog. My stand is this: I created this blog so that it would be a useful teaching tool for all. So even in your misbehaviour, I will teach you.
Hiding your faults, your misbehaviour from public scrutiny is never our style. We teachers in Victoria take pride in teaching YOU. To me, it is more important that the public sees how we handle and correct misbehaviour; rather than pretend that it doesn't exist in our school.

Victorians, we got standard and that is why we don't hide behind false names and we learn to taken responsibility for our actions.
So you may continue to spam this blog, call me names, use another person's identity to hide your own and insult me or other teachers but that won't stop me from:
1) Stopping my car to ask you to tuck-in your shirt at the bus stop- you fellas are from Victoria School and not Siglap Link Secondary School. For goodness sake, have some pride in yourself.

2) You won't stop me from walking into Zion and 'kaypoh-ing' there to see if any of you are there in your school uniforms.

3) You won't stop me from scolding you for misbehaving in class.

On a lighter note, I found this on the web at
Click the link here to go to this FLASH animation above.

Sometimes, I wonder whether we teachers should be like that and give you all some of your own medicine.
Ever wondered what it would be like if I were really like the teacher in the FLASH animation? muahahahah!

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Anonymous said...

I think you've got a great blog with a great purpose. I think those boys will finally realize how ridiculous they look with their white shirts hanging over their shorts pants, or PE t-shirt that hangs out till it covers their shorts. Or the disrespect they show to the school when they turn up at zion and be identified easily by their badges, shorts, socks, shoes etc. These things will pass. :)