Friday, August 31, 2007

Teachers Day Celebrations in VS

Today was our Teachers Day Celebrations in VS, and there were some really exciting programs lined up for us.

Winner of the 'Most Enthu Teacher Award', Mr Denny Aw, led the boys in doing the Cha-cha!

Give it up for the sporting Mr Denny and the rest of the boys!

It certainly was a very 'emo' celebration, especially when our resident Emo-master, Mr Ernest Puay gave us a heart felt emotive poem he composed:

I'm so touched :{ Can cry...

Thanks boys for everything.
Our C-Div boys are playing in the Hockey Finals today- let's wish them all the best and enjoy the holidays!

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Silent Flight said...


If you were a potter,
And we the clay.
Then a simple poem,
Will represent what I want to say.

You see, the clay alone,
Has no life and no meaning.
Just stuck in existence,
No emotion, no feelings.

The potter steps in,
And sees the beauty in the clay.
Moulds it with the tools of knowledge,
Slowly day by day.

In time the clay
Begins to take shape.
Slowly by surely
You see it coruscate.

It’s so much like us Victorians,
And you the school staff.
How you lead us and guide us,
Into the quixotic future’s path.

Day in day out,
You stand before our reasoning tribunal.
To speak, to listen;
To explain and to inspire.

You made us great man,
Influential people of the future.
Ultimately it’s your intent,
To keep her flag unfurled.

As you come into class,
Teaching and moulding the clay
There is one thing you thought us
That is: Nil Sine Labore