Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My new favourite show, "America's Got Talent"

This has got to be the my favourite TV reality show now, it's got everything: singers, musicians, actors, acrobats and some really bizzare performers.

Here are 2 ventriloquist acts that really break the stereo-type and are great fun to watch:

The next 2 clips touched me in very different ways:
Some of you remember me talking about control of body and muscular form in the PE theory classes. I cited one example of 2 gymnast that I saw many years ago being able to do push-ups without their feet touching the ground. Imagine, when I saw Lazy Legs and his crew do the same thing but only that Luca "lazy legs" Patullei is handicapped from waist down.

The second is an awesome pair of brothers who play mind-blowing harmonica:

The thing about this clip that touched me was not the skill of the younger bros harmonica playing, the lesson that this clip shows:
When to stick together and when to let go
- The younger brother showed his values and gratefulness when he didn't want to go on without his older brother
- The older brother shows his true love and maturity by acknowleding that his younger brother is more talented than he is and by saying that he's willing to 'be a security' guard and fade into the shadows so his younger brother can shine; that boys, is true brother hood.

A good lesson for all of us to learn.

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