Monday, February 11, 2008

GCE PE Weight Training for Fitness (Week 7)

As our boys continue their coursework preparations for Weight Training, we have begun to incorporate more sophisticated forms of performance feedback for them.
Today, they make us of the Swinger video motion capture and analysis software.

The Swinger software was originally designed to help golfers with their swing but it has grown to have multi-disciplinary uses across all sporting domains.
In this software, a video camera is hooked up to a laptop via firewire (1394)cable.
Video is then captured 'live' and stored either in the laptops hard-disk or RAM. Users are subsequently able to compare the capture footage via image overlay, image sync, etc.

Here we see the boys use the Deja-Vu feature where the boys are able to set the software to capture footage for a specified period and play it back after a short delay. This allows the performer to complete his action in front of the camera and then move over to the laptop to see an 'instant replay' of the previous 30secs of the clip.

For more info on Swinger, visit the Webbsoft site here

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