Monday, February 25, 2008

Sec 3 Resilency Program

Today, the Sec 3s begin their Resiliency Program.
We began the program with an exciting program introducing the Dynamic Combat Method for Personal Protection. We are the first school to introduce Reality Based Martial Arts training as part of a Resiliency training module for students

Our boys were first made to go through some conditioning exercises to push their physical limits:

We can see all the 'fit-fit' VS boys really pushing themselves all the way!

After learning the basic ready stance and the fundamentals of 'shielding', our boys began to challenge each other in games to test their ability to maintain and protect their centre-line- Anyone who got touched by his opponent on the back or rear shoulder was 'out'

Our 3B sports class made good us of team-work and tag-team combinations to dominate this game:

The boys definitely enjoyed themselves and we hope that they will realise that being strong and tough isn't a merely physical attribute but a mental and emotional one as well. So pay attention during the resiliency training boys, you always learn something.

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