Wednesday, February 6, 2008

VS Chinese New Year Celebrations 2008

We're off for 4 days of holiday for the Chinese New Year,
Victorians in the hostel celebrated the New Year with a steam-boat dinner on Mon 5th Feb.

The VS Wushu Team performed during the dinner and here we can see the following boys in action:
Tan Xiang Ting: Free-style Chang Quan
Fung Jin Jie: Competition Cudgel
Wayne Kang, Sean Ho and Tan Xiang Tian: 3-Man Sparring

For our own celebrations at VS, the Wushu Team performed Lion dancing, you can catch pictures of the event here (courtesy of Mr Su Ronghua)

We were also honoured by the presence of Madam Ge Chunyan, a founding member of the Beijing Wushu Team that toured internationally with Jet Li. She is the parent of one of our Sec 1 boys- Liu Haoran. Madam Ge gave us a great demonstration of Bagua Double-Deer Hooks

(Liu Haoran, your mother is cool, sia!)

Victorians were also treated to a special performance by Auntie Meizhen. We've all seen how our hard-working team of cleaning and operation staff work tirelessly to upkeep the school and it's a familiar sight to see Auntie Meizhen hauling water hoses, cleaning the pond. Just for us today, we see a completely different side of her!

Victorians, we are indeed blessed to have everyone from the teachers to the EAS staff working together to make the school a place we can call home.

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