Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camp Emerge 2008


For those of you who enjoyed the video, here it is.

Today marked the culmination of CAMP EMERGE, a 2-day workshop on life-skills and career planning.

We started with an opening address by Mr Low:

Mr Low shared with us the importance of of being something more by injecting passion into what we do. He shared with us the following clip of violin virtuso, Isaac Stern:
Stern believed that the instrument is not that important, it is only a means to an end i.e."you don't use music the play the violin, you use the violin to play music""

Next our keynote speaker, Mr Liak Teng Lit, CEO Alexander Hospital and an Old Victorian gave us some very interesting insights into life and success.

He highlighted the importance finding out where our strengths are and to captilise on them; as well as to discover our weaknesses and to work on them. The keypoint that struck me most in his presentation was when he talked about finding the 'sweetspot' in life where your talent, passion and usefulness to others intersect. That is the recipe for success

The boys end up the day with a formal dine-in lunch in the school hall:

It was a great priviledge to be able to take some pictures with these boys who have now grown into great young men:

Sec 4 Black Shirts

Sec 4 Wushu Team
This is my first batch of graduating VS Wushu students since we first formalised the team in 2006. I am proud to see them emerge as fine gentlemen.

Me and Ng Pei Xiang
Our star in the Camp Emerge video, 'Choice'
Well done, Peixiang as student leader and T&F Captain, you deserve the recognition for being a good role-model for your juniors.
Well done.

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