Wednesday, July 16, 2008

National Inter-school Track & Field Championships 2008

(Ignatius Tan from 2I- Photo taken by Lim Muyao, VJC)
(Visit Muyao's Photo Stream here)
This was a difficult year for our boys in Track and Field, despite our best efforts, for once VS B & C Division boys have fallen from the top 4 placings in their respective divisions.

Sometimes we lose- That is the undeniable fact of life.
But nevertheless, it is heartening to know that many of our boys achieved their personal best performances during this championships.

Our Sec 4 Captain, Ng Pei Xiang, threw 13.50 for Shot Put- his personal best so far(even though Shot Put was not his main item)

Sean Toh, won the 100m Gold for the C-Div boys. RedSports have carried an image and write up on the event (see

During the finals today, I went down to lend my support with the rest of the VS Boys.
Even though, our athletes knew they were lagging behind in points, each of them gave off their best. Despite facing daunting performances from the rest of the competitors, the spirits of our boys never flagged.
I managed to catch some clips of our boys in action:
Here we see Howard Chung of 2C giving his best for the Javelin.

The boys from VS also cheered their hearts out their seniors who have gone on to college. Here we see Loo Yi Hao, currently in VJC, running his heart out for the 100m

I feel that the speech given by our Guest-of-Honor, MP Christopher DeSouza was very apt. He said that when he was in JC his events were 800m, but for once, he wanted to try and compete in the 100m but was doubtful about his chances of success, His friends gave him some very good advice. They said that even if you come in last, the purpose of running any race is to see how fast you are, how good you are.

If you have given your best, then knowing how good your best is- that is the most important thing you can get in return. Only by truly knowing where our limits are can we break them and move ourselves on to greater heights

Principal,Mr Low summed it up best in his words of encouragement to the boys.
"You must have Passion and Pride for your school- these 2 come together"
"It is not about winning, it's about being a fearless competitor on the field"

Nil Sine Labore

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