Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Compulsory Study Time! 23rd Jul 2008

Today during CST, our Sec 3 scholars continued to work on their argumentative essays.
We went through Kai's essay on 'Young people have more problems than adults'
This session was conducted slightly differently than the last session. The first session, I did more presenting and highlighted the mistakes by using my laptop to correct the sentences directly on the projected image.
Today, I got them to correct the sentences themselves and practice re-writing.
The boys soon got the hang of it and were able to condense their long meandering sentences into more concise prose.

The group also spent sometime working to help brain storm for ideas for the boys who were involved in their class debates tomorrow. Kai's topic was "The World is Getting Smaller" with his group as proposition; Billy and Akshat were on opposing sides for the motion,"Sportsmen should be paid less"
We spent some time talking about how to properly define the motions such that both proposition and opposition teams can engage in good debate. Then we contributed strategies to help the various speakers with their points for the debate.
We had a fruitful 2 hour CST today and I'm glad that all of you participated actively and attentively

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