Monday, July 21, 2008

Ochre Films "SportsSwap" Audition

Today, the film crew from Ochre Films came down to audition some of our boys for some interstitials for Disney channel.

The idea is to have athletes from different sports pair up and challenge each other at the other person's sports.

So since they were casting for camera friendly, handsome looking, articulate guys, who else but the dashing fellas from Sec 3B would step up to the challenge right?

I had a good giggle watching you fellas go through the audition. Usually, you yak non-stop in class- in front of the camera, you all 'kalang kabut'

Here we see Chong Chieh telling the whole world that Mr Siow teaches 'atanomy'

And then we have Desmond telling the camera that, he enjoys playing basketball and volleyball cos they are very similar---'both use hands'

You all ah!-- In class, can ask me all your 'technical' questions about how hormonal changes affect bone growth; in front of the camera, you all shy until liddat :)

Next time we get people auditioning us, I'm going to send Ali Thomas oredi.
Please tell him to stand by :)

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