Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GCE PE CourseWork (Soccer/Hockey- Week 8)

This is Week 8 of GCE Coursework for Soccer and Hockey.

From the technical aspects of play, we are now developing the tactical aspects of play with the boys. From practicing set plays, now we see Mr Sng explaing the various principles of offensive and defensive play in action:

The Hockey boys were not to be outdone today.
Today, we saw Miss Sheikha giving them the finer points of how to take a penalty corner.
Of course, before all this practice can happen, we need to get geared up.
Here's Dilip, looking absolutely like a Sesame Street character :)

So on to the Penalty Corner! Usually it's the attackers who intimidate the defenders during the penalty corner. Here, it seems it's the other way around!

From the above clip, I suggest Khairul to take up Golf to represent Singapore in YOG.

We had the sides switch over. Must commend Dilip for his fearless ability to stop the ball using all parts of his body-- Only problem for him is once he falls down, he cannot stand up again on his own.

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