Saturday, August 30, 2008

Teacher's Day Celebrations 2008

On Fri 29th Aug, VS has our Teacher's Day Celebrations!

Finally a chance for staff and students to let down their hair after a hectic Term 3.
Let's get a look at some highlights from the Staff and Student soccer match

I received a very touching present from one of my former students, Dominic Chan.
His simple words of humor, gratitude and self-reflection made my day.
Dominic, thank you for remembering and coming back just to say Hi to us.
We are proud and glad to have been a part of you life.
May all of the Camp Instructors- Red Shirts and Black Shirts go on to greater things.

PS: And Dominic, if you call me 'Randell Siow' to my face, I'm still gonna make you squat outside the PE Office and juggle tennis balls until 5pm. Haha...
Once a Victorian, always a Victorian. You guys may have graduated but in our hearts, you've never left and we will always regards you as our students and will still be here as your teachers.
Nil Sine Labore

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