Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Learn to Say No"- What Victoria means to us

This term has flown by so fast, I have hardly seen many of the Sec 4 boys that used to train with me, or chatted with me after school.

It's been a mad flurry of mock exams, pre-lims and tests- all to ensure that you guys are well prepared for the final challenge ahead---- the O-levels.
It's been hard going for all of you and for us as well.
There is a lot at stake this year since the 2007 cohort gave us the best results for VS in the past 10 years. But bear in mind that each test set for you, requires the same amount of work from us teachers (if not more)

And while you may grumble at us and we may nag at you, know that we are with you in all that you do- in work or at play.
So for all those of you who enjoyed the clip I showed this week, here it is again.
I hope it inspires all of you and affirms that your time here in Victoria is well-spent.

Learn to say no :)

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