Monday, August 18, 2008

Penang Free School Visit to VS

Today, several teachers from Penang Free School visited VS as part of twinning and networking exchange.

It was a most pleasant and welcome surprise when we found out that one of their teachers, Mr Ong, was an active member in the Penang Chin Woo Pugilistic Association.

Mr Ong is a veteran martial artist and was skilled in the traditional Changquan style of Tan Tui.
It was indeed a pleasure and honor to be visited by someone who is my senior both in the teaching profession and in the martial arts community.

To top off the fantastic experience, Mr Ong kindly offered to teach our boys some of the traditional elements of Tan Tui 弹腿.

You can see fromt the movements that the combative aspect to his form is still present- more compact, crisp and precise. Much of the modern Changquan that we do has the same movements but our expression of it tends to be flowy rather than crisp, extravagant rather than compact, acrobatic rather than precise.

There's still so much more to learn boys! Let us journey together unceasingly in the quest for excellence.

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