Thursday, April 12, 2007

Do the Right Things and do Things Right.

Boys, as mentioned during assembly today, some of you have been flouting school rules by playing soccer in the tennis court. Yesterday, one of you played soccer in the tennis court and made a failed attempted to 'jump' over the tennis net. This 'acrobatic' student then caught his foot in the netting causing him to trip and fall. Unfortunately for him, he broke his fall on his right elbow causing both a dislocation and fracture.

Boys, we have told you many times not to do foolish things and take your personal safety for granted. The PE Dept has given clear instructions that no soccer is allowed to be played in the tennis courts unless expressly supervised during PE as there has been constant damage to the nets by students leaning on them, kicking the ball against the net, etc.

Bad things happen when we take things for granted. In fact, I just spoke to my classes on the tragedy of the 2 boys that drowned at Pasir Ris- that is a tragedy. But the incident of jumping over the tennis net and falling, that, I am sad to say is pure stupidity.

Surely, as Victorian's you have the capacity for thinking and acting in the right way.
As our DM, MR Maran says "It is not enough to do the right things, we must do things right"
Some of you boys are doing the wrong things, and worse still, are doing things 'wrongly'.

Boys, do not put yourself, your parents and your teachers through this needless heartache. All this could have been avoided. When the accident happens and then you say "Sorry, I won't do it the next time", it is too late already.

"Sorry, I won't do it the next time" will not bring back the 2 boys drowned at Pasir Ris and will leave their families and friends scarred from the event.

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