Monday, April 23, 2007

A Victorian's Prayer

Today, I just heard during Assembly from our NCC boys who've taken part in the Temasek Regatta that after holding on to the Championship title for 2 years in our division, we did not manage to hold on to it this year and only emerged 4th. Apparently, a near collision and obstruction by another craft cost us the race.

One of the best books I have ever read is the Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino, first published in 1968. A large part of it forms the core training manual for the Camp Instructors Course which I run every year.
Sometime back, I chanced upon a sequel to this book by the same author and it contained an extract that I found to be very pertinent to us in light of the events
that have happened. Since this year is bumpy one for us, with many near misses. In light of our reccent events, and the concern raised about the manner in which we deal with our upsets, I would like to remind all of us what it means to play the Sportsmen's game with an extract from Part II of the Greatest Saleman in the World:

To all Victorians, let this be our common prayer, regardless of your race, language or religion:

"Let neither work nor play, no matter how satisfying or glorious, ever seperate me, for long, from the love that unites me with my family.
Teach me how to play the game of life with fairness, courage, fortitude and confidence.

Provide me with a few friends who understand me and yet remain my friends.
Allow me a forgiving hear and a mind unafraid to travel even though the trail may not be marked. Give me a sense of humor and a little leisure with nothing to do.

Help me to strive for the highest ligitimate reward of merit, ambition and opportunity and yet never allow me to forget to extend a kindaly, helping hand to others who need encouragement and assistance.

Provide me with the strength to encounter whatever is to come, that I be brave in peril, constant in tribulation, temperate in anger and always prepared for any change in fortune,
Make me sympathetic to the grief of others, realising that there are hidden woes in every life, no matter how exalted.

Keep me forever serene in every activity of life, neither unduly boastful nor given to the more serious sin of self-depreciation.
In sorrow, may my sould be uplifted by the thought that if there were no shadow, there would be no sunshine.

In failure, preserve my faith
In success, keep me humble.
Steady me to do the full share of my work and more, as well as I can and when that is done, stop me, pay me what wages I deserve and permit me to say my thanks to all who have contributed to my success along the way

In all that we do or do not, the world is watching.

In all that we do or do not, we are responsible.

In all that we do or do not, we define our lives

Tommorow, our C-Boys Soccer Team will be playing in the Zone Finals at VJC.
Play well, play hard and play fair, and know that we are all with you.
For it is in the way you play the game that defines you and makes us proud of you.

Go VS Go!

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