Tuesday, April 10, 2007

National Interschool Wushu Championships (Day 2 Results)

Current Medal Tally
Day 1 Results
Tan Xiang Ting
"5-Duan Chang Quan" = Gold

Tan Xiang Tian
"Nanquan-1st Int'l" = 4th

Day 2 Results
Tan Xiang Tian
"Nan Dao" = Silver

Today, Tan Xiang Tian from Sec 3I gathered his second medal for VS by clinching a Silver in another fiercely contested event.
Here we see Xiang Tian giving us his best during the event:

The rest of the boys competition for the 4-Duan Sabre in C, B and A Divisions all did not manage to get any placing for the event. I know that the boys are disappointed especially when they have made a marked improvement by all accounts. I know what hit some of them the hardest was the bizzare deduction of points by Head Judge due to 'Missing Steps'. Since we all have the same version of the routine, what did some of them leave out?
While this puzzles us, as Sportsmen, we must abide by the judges decision. Let us ask ourselves how we can improve each year and avoid such penalties. Indeed, compared to previous year, all the boys raw scores have improved.
The 4-Duan Sabre is a hot category (together with the 4-Duan Cudgel) with over 40 participants, of which many are seasoned competitors who are already competent in the more advanced International Routines. Thus, there is no shame in participating and not getting placed.

Boys, listen up and listen good:
I don't want you to be good martial artists in order to compete for the school; I want you to compete for the school so that YOU will become good martial artists.
There's a whole lot of difference here.

I am interested in your fight, your battles, your personal endeavours, win or lose, as a person. It is YOU the Winner; not you Winning something that is important to me.
And if your goal of competing is to bring out the best in your self and you all go out and do your best, then how can you lose?

Boys, you are all winners to me.
Hold your heads high, all of you, because the tomorrow is another day and we stand together and fight together every step of the way.

VS- All the Way!

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Anonymous said...

Coach Siow,
I applaud your philosophy of winning and being a winner. Keep up this healthy spirit of competition in the boys. It's definitely goes a great way to character building.
VS goes beyond!