Sunday, April 8, 2007

Victoria School Annual Sports Day

VS Annual Sports Day was held on Thu 5th Apr 2007 at VJC.
Here we see the B3 boys in the 100m Sprint.

In the heat of intense competition, the different houses all strove to pit their best against each other. In their bid to cross the finishing lines, we see some boys suffering from muscle cramps.
Here we see the hard working Red Cross boys at work- providing first aid, massaging athletes and yes, even a portable human shade shelter.

All in all, it was a sad day for our Whampoa house, despite our final moment of glory- coming first in the Staff Race, we were disqualified. Haiz... one of our staff runners was in the wrong lane, so despite my frantic dash across the finishing line, I also kena disqualified. Wah Lau... such is life.
But next year, we'll be back. WHAMPOA HOUSE! POWER POWER POWER....

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