Thursday, April 12, 2007

National Interschool Wushu Championships (Day 4 Results)

Current Medal Tally
Day 1 Results
Tan Xiang Ting
"5-Duan Chang Quan" = Gold

Tan Xiang Tian
"Nanquan-1st Int'l" = 4th

Day 2 Results
Tan Xiang Tian
"Nan Dao" = Silver

Day 3 Results
Tan Xiang Ting
"4-Duan Spear" = Gold

Tan Xiang Tian
"Nan Gun" = Gold

Day 4 Results
Fung Jun Jie
"Chang Quan 1st Intl" = Silver
"Cudgel 1st Intl" =Gold

Fung Jin Jie, from Sec 2C made his debut performance for VS today. He participated in the C-Boys Chang Quan 1st International Routine and Cudgel 1st International Routine. After a stunning Chang Quan routine, Jinjie eclipsed the competition with a score of 8.56 with the nearest closest score bieng only a 8.38. He would have gotten a 8.66 but harsh judging penalized him a 0.1 for a missing transition movement.
In the end, he had to settle for Silver as a later competitor score 8.60. It was a near miss for Jin Jie as he would have definitely cliched the Gold if not for that deduction.
Jin Jie's Changquan Routine

But in the words of Jin Jie's father "It's not important whether you win or lose; it's knowing what you did wrong and how to improve that matters and make a strong comeback."

And what a comeback he gave! In the later Cudgel event, Jin Jie confidently swept Gold with a 8.26, with the closest being 7.91. Granted that there were only 5 competitors in total for the Cudgel event but each individual out there was giving their best and there was no room for complacency even in a event with less participants.
Jin Jie's Cudgel Routine

Our total medal tally for both B and C Div so far is:
4 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze (4th)

Tommorrow is the deciding factor, with 2 more individual events and our highly anticipated Group Sparring Events.

Sleep well boys tonight for tommorrow you fight for your right to earn a place in the proud 130 years history of Victoria School.

Nil Sine Labore

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to you boys n the coach. You have done well and are already winners for keeping your spirits up.Congras!