Friday, April 13, 2007

Hostel Room Check

Yes, it's time for our termly hostel room check.

This month's overall cleanliness rating for the boys block was atrocious but I'm glad to say that none of my boarders rooms were amongst the 'black listed' ones.
Here's the results, boys.

H1-04-04 very good
H1-04-05 good
H1-04-06 good
H1-04-16 very good
H1-04-17 good
H1-04-18 good
H1-04-19 very good
H1-06-19 satisfactory
H1-06-22 satisfactory

And as promised, if ever there is an occasion where ALL rooms under me score 'Very Good' (i.e. A and above), there will be a special supper treat.
Likely menu:
1) Satay
2) Vegetarian Pizza (for our vegetarians)
3) BBQ Chicken Wing
4) Ice Cream

You want it boys? Then you work for it.
To inspire you, here is a shot of the best cupboard from H1-04-04 to show you what standards are possible amongst our guys

Neat, right? You can all do it. Let's make ourselves proud as the cleaness and tidiest group of boarders in Victoria Hall.

You just so close to achieving my target of all A's in cleanliness- help each other.
Remember also that all rooms on 4th floor close to my apartment are to have shoe racks for your extra shoes by this week end- there should be no more shoes along the corridor walkway.

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