Wednesday, April 11, 2007

National Interschool Wushu Championships (Day 3 Results)

Current Medal Tally
Day 1 Results
Tan Xiang Ting
"5-Duan Chang Quan" = Gold

Tan Xiang Tian
"Nanquan-1st Int'l" = 4th

Day 2 Results
Tan Xiang Tian
"Nan Dao" = Silver

Day 3 Results
Tan Xiang Ting
"4-Duan Spear" = Gold

Tan Xiang Tian
"Nan Gun" = Gold

Today, the Tan brothers scored a double whammy for VS by getting 2 Gold medals each. Elder brother, Xiang Tian got 8.46 in his B-Div Nan Gun to clinch Gold

Younger brother, Xiang Ting, got 8.40 in his C-Div 4 Duan Spear to also clinch the Gold Medal.

Their relentless training has paid off and this addition of 2 Gold medals brings our total medal tally to 3 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 4th Bronze.

The rest of the team competing in the 4 Duan Cudgel did not manage to get placing but showed an improvement over last year. What could have improved our boys performance is a greater sense of focus. There is too much negative self-talk and self-defeating "what if" questions that you all pop to me at the last minute:
"What if I lose my balance today?", "Got people tell me my routine wrong. How?"
Focus on what you need to DO, rather than ask me what happens if you end up doing the things you are NOT SUPPOSED to do.

I can accept you trying your best and not getting any medal, I can even accept mistakes when you lose your balance.
What I cannot accept is lack of seriousness when you turn the entire competitive attempt into a joke.
What I cannot accept is letting your belt come undone in the middle of the routine.
What I cannot accept is joking and making noise during other people's events but freaking yourself and your team-mates out during your own attempt by painting all the possible worst case scenarios.
All these negative self-talk is contagious and a deadly distraction from the task at hand- giving your best performance.

Winning is not everything but the DESIRE to WIN- that is EVERYTHING.
You were dejected yesterday, so I encouraged you.
You were not serious today, so I reprimand you.
But tommorow: tomorrow is a new day-
And whether you stand humbled in victory or proud in defeat,
Know that I will always stand beside you.

Remember, we are something more.
Nil Sine Labore

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